Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Children's books, the Civil War and zombies

Montserrat Illustration Theme Show tonight! Theme: Zombies.
It would be a grave understatement to say Zombies are not my "thing" but regardless, I have submitted a piece and the opening should be fun, so go check it out.

My Submission (the cropping in the actual piece is better than the scan, but me and computers...):

The Civil War was a rough gig, and that was before the Confederacy started employing zombies! Raised in secret and fed off the amputated limbs of wounded soldiers the Georgia 1st Zombie Regiment would have been a force to be reckoned with if Major General Sherman had not burned them in their entirety during his famous "march to the sea" of 1864.

In other news, today I endeavor to start work on an Old Sturbridge Village/1830s Rural American colouring book, so that should be fun. I also have a plan for a kids book I would like to get some sketching done for. Mayhaps, this momentary dearth of inspiration has finally come to an end.

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