Thursday, August 6, 2009

Journalistic Drawing: Italy II

Italy round II: illustrations from the world of the watercolour block

First, my favourite Italy illustration, Saint Thomas Aquinas, who spoke in Viterbo during his lifetime--maybe just not in this "Godspell" of a fashion:

Villa Lante:




Also be sure to check out Drawing Viterbo which should soon be updated with the work of the rest of Montserrat's Journalistic Drawing Class 2009

Journalistic Drawing: Italy

Back from Italy with a good amount of artwork some I am quite proud of and some not as much; that is always the way of it though.

First, a few favourites from my Moleskine:

Viterbo recommendation:

Villa Lante à la Edward Gorey:

Fountain in the courtyard of city hall:

Laundry Day:

Old and New:

And a bonus image from my pre-Italy notebook, embroidery: