Friday, April 10, 2009

Illustration Thesis: Online Critique Two

Victorian Poster: Take Three Spirit Medium


I think I am going to end up changing the "ghost". Also, needs a tag line, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


  1. Conceptually I have a good feeling about this transfer drawing. What I would like to see in the changing of the ghost is making it a bit more linear like Meghan sitting down in the chair. I wasn't completely sold on Meghan's likeness at first glance, and its a minor issue..I wish I could be helpful for a tagline here.

  2. I am unsure of a tagline myself... I think what you have (Miss Megan Hawkes: Spirit Medium) is fine. The turn Empath wasn't coined until later. Though I disagree with Jeremiah... I don't think the ghost should be as defined as Meghan... I still got the concept as is... Meghan is more concrete so it works for me.

  3. hey buddy nice sketch! i see se that meghan posed for you. the drawing looks nice so far, im interested in seeing the color palate the ghost is cool, this one is going to turn out nice. sorry a cant help you on a tag line.

  4. this looks great, i love the concept. as far as a tag line goes, i think that spirit medium works fine, messing around with different types of fonts and texts could help